Pascha Apter
Giant CEO

Pascha Apter is Co-Owner and CEO of Giant Voices, Inc., a marketing enterprise consisting of Giant Voices, Giant Academy and Gizmoz Promotional Products.

Apter is fiercely-passionate about helping clients reach their financial, operational and marketing ambitions. An entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Pascha helps clients scale their enterprise to achieve revenue growth through strategic and creative development and execution. She has a keen ability to identify, assess and close financial, educational and communication gaps for her clients.

Apter has insatiable quest to stay educated on the latest developments in the marketing industry. She holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from St. Cloud State University and has completed several nationally-acclaimed business courses with the Aji Network and the High Performance Academy. She shares her knowledge gained throughout these networks with Giant clients and students of the Giant Academy.

Pascha is a partner in our business planning process and fully understands our strategy and market segments. With her leadership we get a strategic marketing plan that works, brand-building and targeted messages that produce results though traditional and emerging channels.

-Joe Stariha, CFO and Executive Vice President, Como Oil and Propane